January 2019


There is a wonderful mystic from the 14th century an Augustinian priest Walter Hilton. He offers himself to us as a travel agent, that is, a spiritual director to lead us to the goal of our journey.

This goal he tells us is Jerusalem which is a symbol of union with Christ. Although this journey has its consolations at times, it is an extremely difficult journey.

It really cannot be accomplished without the help of a travel agent, a spiritual guide. Walter Hilton offers himself as this guide. He tells us that the journey is going to be a tremendously difficult one.

The goal,Jerusalem, is union with Christ. We are going to get lost. We are going to travel through the desert and be dying of thirst. We must climb mountains where we will be in danger of freezing to death.

We will go through great cities where we will be tempted by the wealth and power of rulers. We will be shipwrecked. We will be subject to all kinds of plagues and diseases.

However, I will tell you a secret that I guarantee will get you to the goal of your journey. I will tell you something that will get you through all of these trials.

If you can have these words always in your heart and frequently on your lips, you will complete your journey successfully. These are the words: I am nothing, I have nothing, I desire nothing except the love of Christ.

If you can embrace these words in your mind and heart they will get you through every obstacle. You did not create yourself. You do not hold yourself in existence.

You have nothing that was not given to you. If you are nothing, then you can have nothing. This should lead you to desire nothing temporal but only God who has manifested himself to us in Christ.

If you can bring this prayer to your heart and mind whenever you face obstacles in your journey you will be able to overcome them.

Remember: have this always in your heart infrequently on the lips, “I am nothing, I have nothing, I desire nothing except the love of Christ.”